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GSMK CryptoPhone for Windows is a free software application for desktop or notebook computers

running the Microsoft Windows® operating system.

It uses the same 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange and 256-bit AES and Twofish symmetric encryption as all other GSMK CryptoPhone products, thus permitting not only secure computer-to-computer telephone calls, but also encrypted calls to GSMK CryptoPhone secure mobile and satellite phones.

CryptoPhone for Windows is a free software-only encryption application and thus offers no protection against targeted attacks against the computer itself.

- Free software for land lines

- Runs on any modern desktop or notebook computer running under Microsoft Windows™

- Allows for easy and secure communication to and from mobile CryptoPhone products as well as to other GSMK CryptoPhone for Windows users

- Requires supported modem on POTS or ISDN landline (Galaxy MU32S, Modems with the Cirrus-Chipset “CL14xx”, ELSA microlink 28.8TQV (testing reference), US-Robotics 56000 courier) or one of the following GSM modems: Nokia 9210 or Siemens S35/M35/C35

- Sorry; the CryptoPhone for Windows™ Application does not work with Winmodems at this time


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