Satellite CPIP 72dpiGSMK Cryptophone IP for Satellite Links

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All GSMK CryptoPhone IP secure mobile and desktop phones can be connected to Thuraya IP and Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminals

either via a simple Ethernet cable or an encrypted Wireless LAN connection, thus guaranteeing end-to-end encrypted communications on any network, any time.

• Compatible with all GSMK CryptoPhone IP secure mobile and desktop phones
• End-to-end encrypted calls from and to vehicles, naval vessels and remote camps as well as cellular phones and private branch exchanges
• IP PBX integration with virtual satellite extensions
• Secure satellite communication utilizing the GSMK CryptoPhone crypto engine with the strongest and most secure algorithms available today – AES256 and Twofish
• 4096 bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange with SHA256 hash function
• Readout-hash based key authentication
• 256 bit effective key length
• Encryption key is destroyed as soon as the call ends
• Source code available for independent security assessments

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