sirrix gsm crypto gw v1Sirrix.GSM Crypto Gateway

Developed in partnership with GSMK, the Sirrix.GSM Crypto Gateway for ISDN and Voice over IP (VoIP) private branch exchanges is fully compatible with all GSMK CryptoPhone secure mobile phones.
As the leading open multi-vendor protocol for encrypted voice across network borders

, the GSMK CryptoPhone protocol has also been implemented by third parties including Sirrix AG, one of the leading vendors in Trusted Computing technology and information security.
Particularly attractive for large corporate and government clients, the Sirrix.GSM Crypto Gateway provides a cost-effective way to enable all extensions of an existing VoIP or ISDN private branch exchange (PBX) to place and receive encrypted calls to and from mobile users. Installed on the client’s premises in front of the PBX, the crypto gateway can encrypt and decrypt incoming and outgoing calls on demand, thus allowing to encrypt voice calls between an organization’s headquarters or branch offices and mobile users in the field. In addition, the CryptoGateway allows fully encrypted multi-party telephone conferences with excellent audio quality.

• 19” rack-based gateway solution for private branch exchanges (PBXes)
• Enables existing ISDN or VoIP PBX extensions to make encrypted calls
• Only one box handles up to 30 simultaneous encrypted calls
• Secure conferencing
• Compatible with all GSMK CryptoPhone mobile and satellite phones
The Sirrix.GSM Crypto Gateway can be obtained from GSMK or directly from Sirrix AG

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